Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Japan

I’ve always wanted to have an expedition in Asia and during my research, I stumbled upon Japan. There’s no denying here, it is one of the best and fascinating countries to visit. I admire how they can blend their new technology and old traditions properly. If you are planning to visit Japan, allow me to introduce the things that you need to know first before booking a plane ticket and gushing over what clothes you are going to wear.

1. Learn the basic language
Before heading to Japan, I make sure that I know a few Japanese phrases that can brighten the day of the local citizens whenever I’m talking to them such as “thank you,” “excuse me,” “please,” “good morning” and “good evening.” I didn’t manage to pronounce them properly, but it is visible in the eyes of the local fruit vendor that she appreciated it and guided me to the best ramen shop in town.

2. Think twice about your tattoos
My friends and I decided to visit a traditional Japanese onsen. However, before we are allowed entry, they checked us first if we have any tattoos on our body. Why? Simply because tattoos in Japan are considered taboo. We learned it the hard way. They thought we are part of the Yakuza gang. What’s artistic for us may not be the same for them. So if you have tattoos of your own, you might want to think twice about visiting an onsen. We weren’t allowed to enter because of my tattooed friend, by the way.

3. Remove your shoes when entering establishments
I’ve watched a lot of Japanese movies and anime series, and one thing is common among all of them—they always remove their shoes before entering an establishment or a house. It is a major sign of disrespect should you not remove your shoes when entering someone’s house. Hence, when we were invited for a beer in my Japanese friend’s house, I told the rest of the group to remove their shoes to avoid offending the homeowner. We all have a good time after that.

4. Visit the Daiichi-Engei

While this a company that offers landscaping services, rest assured that you’re going to find lush and beautiful landscape gardens when you visit. They are one of the leading institutions in Tokyo, offering services for over 110 years. We were lucky to be granted a tour around their company. Just like any other landscaping services, they analyze, plan thoroughly, and even offer assistance after the landscape garden is built. I admire how hard-working Japanese people are, and they do everything with passion.

Even though I do love getting outside and gardening myself my job keeps me from home and I’m unable to keep up with all the work. So, when I hired a landscape service in back at home, I researched all the Naperville landscaping companies and chose the one with all the recommendations.

It’s such a shame we only have six days to explore one of the leading countries in Asia. I learned so much about Japan and I came to appreciate their undying culture and tradition and everything else behind the bright smiles and pastel colors I often saw in anime series and show. If you want to travel in Asia, Japan is a must-see country for you!

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